un'allieva racconta della sua esperienza...

"Last summer I took part in a YourWorldEnglish residential course, it was a great experience, you meet a lot of nice people, you do plenty of fun activities, and you learn English as well!

At morning we had English lessons, they were fun, usually we did vocabulary, reading, idioms and other stuff. After lunch we had activities: the first week I was there I had water-sports (windsurf, sailing, canoeing,…) which were really nice and fun although the weather was really cold and rainy but on the other hand that’s “real” England. The second week we had Adventure sports (climbing, riding, archery, fencing and zumba) these activities were really fun as well!
Every Wednesday we had a special activities like paintball (was the most fun thing I’ve done!), go kart and the lake cruise, because I just went two weeks instead of three and a half weeks I missed the go karting part.
On Saturdays we usually did a trip to somewhere: we went to York which is a beautiful city and the Saturday before I arrived they went to Blackpool where there are huge roller-coasters (I felt a bit fed up because I missed it). On Sundays we had the “day off” and we had the possibility to sleep until 10 o’clock or even later (I don’t remember exactly), we used to go to
Windermere to do some shopping (food).
This is a great opportunity to make new friends from different countries around Europe.

I had a great time there, the staff members were really polite and all the activities were massive! J"