My experience in London

(by Sharon)

I started my experience on 21 September 2012 and I came back home on 15 December 2012. My first day in London was really strange, because I didn't know anyone, but in only one week I made friends with those who lived with me. I stayed in London for 3 months but I think that the time flew in 5 minutes!
My first days in London
There are so many things that everyday you can do so I will try to explain what I did in general every day. Every morning from Monday to Friday I went to school, from 9 to 12.20pm, and on Monday and Thursday afternoons I also went to school but for the fashion design course (from 2 till 5.30pm). If you like arts and you want to try to do something in the arts, I would really advise you to go to this school. It is a really modern and famous school and very good to improve your English also. When I arrived in London, I didn't know how to speak in English, and now when I speak I feel confident.
Me and a classmate
In my free time I always went with my new friends to visit something that I hadn't seen before. London is such a big city that you need a lot of time to visit all the different places. My favourite place in London? It has to be Camden Town. I've never seen such a strange place - you must visit when you are there, you'll love it! All of London is beautiful for me, it's so different from our little Switzerland; the lifestyle is totally different. All the people take the tube or the bus to get to work or get around, because if you take the car you need more time. I used to take the tube a bit early every morning because there were always a lot of people.
Some fashion design course work
Then I can tell you that every month there were new events. My favourite event was the "Winter Wonderland" which is an event in December for Christmas. It's a big park, like an amusement park, then there is a Christmas Market and lots of bars where you can have a drink with friends, it's really interesting and lots of fun. 
The other thing that I want to tell you about is the culture. In London there are so many different cultures and I find it so good and interesting for ourselves. I met so many different people, people from Spain, people from Colombia, French people, German people, Turkish people, Brazilian people, Russian people, Chinese people, Japanese people... I also had two classmates from Taiwan. For me this was awesome. To meet so many people, each one with his different culture, I learnt so much and I miss all my new friends from London, I would like to go back.
If I should describe this experience in one word, I would say it was AMAZING! London, I'll come back one day!
Also, Stefanie from YourWorldEnglish was really helpful. Her help and advice was really good and professional. For me, with YourWorldEnglish it was really clear, easy and friendly.

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